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Meno-Well tonifies and harmonizes Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang. Chinese medicine believes that women’s Kidney Qi gradually declines before and after menopause. Tiangui (the special Essence stored in the Kidneys that promote reproductive function) gets exhausted and the Chong and Ren Meridians will be weak, menstruation will break to menopause, the reproductive ability will decline and disappear, and there will be some hot flush, sweating, irritability, insomnia, swelling of the limbs, skin removal, feeling restlessness and other symptoms around menstrual disorders or menopause. 

It is an ideal formulation for the treatment of andro-/ and menopausal symptoms. Estrogen is considered a Yin type hormone in TCM, while Testosterone is a Yang type hormone. When the body stops producing estrogen, it results in a relative deficiency of Yin, often causing bothersome Heat signs. Meno-Well helps to minimize hot flashes and restlessness by clearing Heat caused by Yin deficiency, nourishing Yin (especially Kidney Yin which is closely associated with aging) and calming the mind. When using it, you can also add additional formulation according to the characteristics of symptoms. For example, Clear Root Fire is added when hot flushes and sweating are increased; adding Tonic Yang when cold feeling and occurring oedema.

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