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Broad Spectrum Immune Support

A full bodyguard of 6 powerful tonic mushrooms! The mushrooms are all steam sterilised, a process which also breaks down hard-to-digest chitin and makes the nutrition more bioavailable.

Mushrooms have been studied and shown to contain unique bioactive nutrients that cannot be found in any other plant or animal sources. They are known to be a rich source of polysaccharides and anti-inflammatory antioxidants which potentially support the body to fend off microbial and viral infections.

They have also been shown to contain beta-glucans (soluble dietary fibre) which is strongly linked to improving the gut microbiome. Our Immunity mushroom blend is a combination of what is believed to be 6 of the most potent, broad-spectrum, dried medicinal mushrooms that are scientifically proven to strengthen and support immune health. The blend is enhanced with the botanical longevity herb, gynostemma, known as “the herb of immortality.”

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