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Milk Thistle


Herbalists and clinicians alike have used Milk Thistle for hundreds of years to treat a wide range of liver pathology and to protect the liver from environmental toxins. >National Library of Medicine.

Silymarin is a mixture of flavonolignans isolated from the milk thistle plant Silybum marianum. Silymarin may act as an antioxidant, protecting hepatic cells from toxins.

Mechanism of Action

Milk thistle prevents damage to the liver by three major mechanisms:

  • 1) serving as an antioxidant,
  • 2) an anti-inflammatory, and
  • 3) an antifibrotic substance.

Milk thistle’s anti-inflammatory properties are due to its ability to regulate cytokines that cause inflammation, while also inhibiting the expression of inflammatory pathways.

It stimulates protein synthesis by protecting cell membranes from free radical-induced damage and directly inhibiting radical formation. It can also act as a free radical scavenger and increase the intracellular content of scavengers.

Silymarin can also act as an iron chelator, further strengthening its antioxidant properties.

Health Benefits

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