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Clear Stomach Heat was published in Li Dongyuan’s “Spleen and Stomach Theory” in the Yuan Dynasty China, with a history of about 700 years. It has the effect of clearing Stomach Heat and cooling the Blood. It is for the treatment of Stomach Heat, also known as Stomach Fire SyndromeStomach Heat is mostly caused by Evil Heat; or because of alcoholism, eating spicy food and overfeeding of fats and sweets, which bring out Fire Heat; or generated Fire from Qi StagnationBlood StasisPhlegmDampness, or food accumulation. The above causes can lead to Heat accumulating in the Stomach, Fire is inflaming up and Fire moves down and manifests as indigestion problems, thirst, bitter taste in the mouth, bad breath, dry mouth, mouth erosion, swollen gums, bleeding gums, or swollen lips and cheeks, dry throat, short yellowish urine, constipation and other symptoms.

Stomach Heat patients usually like to eat cold foods and often have a sense of comfort after eating a lot of cold foods. When there is a stomach-ache from Stomach Heat, it is often accompanied by acid regurgitation in the stomach. Some patients with heartburn will feel bloated and have no appetite, while some patients with heartburn have overly active stomachs and accelerated motility, which is manifested by wide appetite and continuous eating.

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