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Clear Urinary Heat comes from the first Chinese patent prescription “Tai Ping Formulas of welfare dispensary” spread by the state in the Song Dynasty. It is indicated for the treatment of Lin Syndrome of Damp-Heat Pattern, caused by Damp-Heat in the Bladder. The formulation is composed of a group of cold nature and diuretic and laxative herbs, which are used simultaneously, so that the formula can work straight in the Bladder for Heat detoxification. At the same time, it facilitates the Large Intestine and eliminates turbidity Heat from defecation.

The main clinical manifestations of Bladder Dampness and Heat are urinary tract infections with frequent urination and urgency, astringent pain when urinating, urinating dripping and slow, turbid urine, and even retention of urine, dark brown or red coloured or smelly urine, fullness in low abdomen, dry mouth, yellow greasy tongue coating and slippery pulse. It is clinically used to treat cystitis, urinary tract infections, dysuria, urethritis, urinary calculi, pyelonephritis, postoperative or postpartum urinary retention caused by Damp-Heat in the Bladder.

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