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Welcome to an exciting new paradigm in the restoration of optimal gut health, and a significant step towards the restoration of your overall health. This is the only product in the world combining this hugely beneficial combination of spore probiotics force multiplied with the incredible benefits of Fulvic Acid.

Each of the specific bacteria in the formulation are beneficial to the entire gut, progressively refurbishing the colon from beginning to end presenting the healthiest environment for all 20,00+ bacteria species of our microbiome. Because of this they are welcomed and tolerated even within this highly competitive biological environment. In their spore form, 100% of them make it through your stomach to germinate in your gut.

Florish spore probiotic formula comprises the proprietary blend of bacillus spores combined with Fulvic Acid, numbering in excess of 4 billion spores per daily adult dose of 2 capsules.

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