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Committed to only introducing health game-changing supplements, Sebastian Siebert Supplements introduces Fulfixer supplementary Fulvic Acid capsules. We've called Fulfixer Fulvic Acid - Natures Alchemist - because it does indeed facilitate so many biochemical benefits in your body.

Just like an Alchemist making mystical positive changes at every end and turn, there is no other single element like it. There is no downside to Fulvic Acid, which is derived from decaying carbohydrate material and has been a life-supporting foundational element for all living creatures, from microbes to mammals since the beginning of time.

The remarkable benefits of Fulvic Acid are not just perception and hearsay but supported by more than 1,600 peer-reviewed scientific papers, which is why we are combined Flourish Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid because of these life and health-enhancing benefits. By additional supplementing of Fulvic Acid to your health regimen, you will experience a tremendous return of positive results at a cellular level, with no danger of overdosing as Fulvic Acid is completely safe and natural, supporting and enhancing many metabolic processes within your body. This why Sebastian Siebert Supplements has undertaken to bring this top-quality Fulvic Acid to you because we want you to be able to experience the phenomenal health game-changing benefits of Fulvic Acid as outlined below.

3 Capsules per day for all ages [ preferably in the morning or before mid-afternoon]
Each capsule contains 150mg Fulvic Acid so 3 capsules per day - 450 mg

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