Swanson Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotic with FOS 60’s


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A potent probiotic blend, Dr. Stephen Langer’s Ultimate Probiotic with Fos features sixteen strains of probiotics and 3.2 billion Cfu per Capsule to promote digestive health. That’s four times the number of strains and over twice the Cfus in many popular probiotic formulations, and while other probiotic combination supplements contain only two strains of Bifidobacteria, Dr. Langer’s formula delivers five. This ultimate 16-strain probiotic formula also contains ten strains of Lactobacillus, including Lactobacillus reuteri, which has a unique affinity for promoting colon health and immune system function, along with prebiotic Fos (Fructooligosaccharides) and ConcenTrace trace minerals. Fos are oligosaccharides that deliver a prebiotic effect. Trace minerals are a vital part of the enzymatic process necessary for healthy digestion and are lacking in the diets of many people.
  • OFFERS EXCELLENT PROBIOTIC STRAIN DIVERSITY - Increased diversity in the microbiome has been tied to better overall health. There are a vast amount of probiotic strains available. That's why we've carefully selected 16 powerful strains to complement each other and help your gut health flourish.
  • FEATURES PREBIOTIC Fos - Fos or fructooligosaccharides are a food source for the probiotics or "good" bacterial inside your intestines that aid in food digestion, immunity and cleansing your system.
  • DELIVERS 4X THE PROBIOTIC STRAINS OF MANY POPULAR PROBIOTIC FORMULATIONS - With 16 probiotic strains and double the Cfus of many other probiotics supplements, Dr. Stephen Langer's Ultimate Probiotic is the clear choice when it comes to comprehensive probiotic nourishment.

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