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Virmel is a food supplement made by bees in the beehive. It can help to strengthen the immune system and can help with viral infections.

VirMel is produced by bees that feed on a mixture of herbs that includes the plants:

Uncaria Tomentosa Rich in alkaloids, phytochemicals and tannins, which are responsible for the extensive medicinal effect of the plant.

Encourages the production of interferons.

Echinacea Purpurea Echinacea is considered to be the most effective herb for body detoxification in Western herbal medicine.

It affects the circulation, lymph and respiratory system.

Anisum vulg Effective for relieving respiratory problems
Medicago Sativa Analgesic, anti-bacterial, fever-reducing, general stimulator and booster.
Sambucus Nigra Improves the immune system's function, expectorant, fever-reducing.
Urtica dioica Anti-asthmatic, stimulates and strengthens the body.
Eleutherococcus Senticosus An adaptogen plant, anti-inflammatory, strengthens, dilates blood vessels. Eleutherococcus Senticosus is a powerful strengthening plant with a very wide range of treatments.

Very effective for maintenance and preventive maintenance of the user's health.

Encourages the production of interferons.

Vitex agnus castus Strengthens the body, has a strong impact on the hormonal system.

Directions for use: suck one teaspoon, three times per day before eating.

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