NeoGenesis Infinity 30’s


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Infinity is a groundbreaking collagen type 0 supplement that is specifically formulated to support brain health.

Collagen type 0 or jellyfish collagen is known for its unique properties that promote cognitive function and brain health. With its innovative ingredients, Infinity offers a cutting-edge solution for those looking to support their brain health and cognitive function.


-Jellyfish Collagen:

  • High Bioavailability (extremely small doses required)
  • The only collagen contain all 20 essential and non-essential amino acids
  • Collagen type 0 is closest to human collagen and is most easily absorbed and utilized by human bodies
  • Neuro-protective and regenerative compounds to nourish and enhance your cognitive function

Ingredients per capsule:

Pure Jellyfish Collagen (S. Meleagris) ….500mg

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