Pure Herbal Remedies Thyroid Support 50ml


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Thyroid Support helps to restore thyroid function while relieving the symptoms of under active thyroid. These symptoms may include poor hair quality, fatigue, slowness of expression and movement, joint aches and pains, anemia, constipation, carpel tunnel syndrome, weight gain / inability to loose weight and a constant feeling of being icy cold.

Thyroid Support contains:

Bladderwrack – anti-hypothyroid, anti-obesic, anti-rheumatic, blood tonic, adaptogen, stimulates the circulation of lymph, endocrine stimulant, laxative, antibiotic, diuretic.
Iceland Moss – Nutrient enhancer, improves absorption, weight loss.
Sarsaparilla – anti-rheumatic, endocrine stimulant, regulates hormones.
Nettle – General tonic, improves goiter, inflammatory conditions.
Oat straw – Anti depressant, anti anxiety, helps for insomnia.
Wormwood – general tonic, antibiotic, anti parasitic, immune booster.
Damiana – tonic for hormonal and nervous system, anti depressant, anti anxiety.

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